1988 Ford Festiva LX


•Pioneer Premier DEX-M88 CD Player
•Pioneer Premier GEX-T70 SuperTuner IV
•Pioneer Premier CDX-M33 CD Changer
•Alpine 3401 Parametric Equalizer
•Alpine 3339 Graphic Equalizer
•Orion 300-PRQ pre-amp
•Orion 200-CRX electronic crossover
•Orion 2125SX Digital Reference amplifier
•Orion 280GX amplifier
•Alpine 8010 Alarm
•Lestek 150-amp alternator
external Lestek regulator set to 14.4VDC
•Sears DieHard Gold 1200CCA battery

•(4) Orion hard-dome tweeters

•(4) Orion soft-dome tweeters
•(4) Orion 5" midrange
•(2) Cerwin-Vega LE-12D 12" DVC subs
•Interconnects - Phoenix Gold
•Cobra 148-GTL CB (modified)
•Astatic 575-M6 power microphone
•Wilson-1000 base-loaded antenna
•Bel-Tronics 966 ST-R radar detector



Custom-fabbed roof-console for Cobra CB

Orion 5" mid-range for rear-fill

driver's side seat, Orion 280GX

passenger's seat Orion 2150SX


Original system with Alpine 7905 and VU meter

dashboard and glove compartment

passenger side door, note alarm LED

hand-made door panels

Original sub enclosure with carpeting

12" subwoofers in custom enclosure