1984 Honda Accord


hand-built door panels with Boston Pro separates


2 12" Cerwin-Vega subs in isobaric w/ a Coustic XM-3, Orion 280GX, and Alpine 7903


1989 Honda Civic DX


Civic specs:
Sony head & changer
2 Kicker F-10 subs
Sony crossover/EQ
2 a/d/s amplifiers


Crutchfield 4-channel amp & pwr distribution


Kicker F-10 subwoofers and Sony CDX-A2001


a/d/s amplifiers, Sony crossover, power distro.



Nakamichi amps and USD EQ/crossover


Nakamichi and Rockford Fosgate amps



Nissan Pathfinder


(2) 15" subwoofers and Sony CD Changer


recessed, transversely cooled amplifier rack (Sable)


PPI signal processing and 1/0ga cable


Precision Power ART series amps & distribution in a Ford Aerostar minivan.


USD noisegates converted to 12VDC next to the deep cycle battery and protected under plexiglass (Sable)


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